COMSec: mobile secure communications  

COMSec is Indra’s security solution for protecting voice, video and data communications through mobile, Wi-Fi and satellite networks.

The solution integrates as an app on any type of smart mobile, tablet (iOS, Android) or terminal (Windows), offering a user experience comparable to any standard messaging solution on the market. Perfectly integrated with the rest of applications: contacts, mail, calendar, camera, etc.

COMSec solution combines Indra’s complete communications experience:

  • End-to-end encrypted communications: multi-conference and encrypted video calls, secure communication groups, instant messaging and file transmission.
  • Protected calls outside the secured environment to/from mobile and landlines thanks to a unified telephony server.
  • Unbeatable performance when poor coverage, saturated networks, or narrowband networks such as 2G / GPRS / Edge thanks to the quality of the audio codecs used.
  • Usable anywhere in the world in 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / Wifi multiband terminals.
  • Compatible with satellite networks: Iridium, Inmarsat, etc.
  • Great saving in roaming costs.

PTTSec: secure communications for tactical operations and groups

COMSec can be integrated with the PTTSec solution designed to allow communications in push-to-talk mode for the operational and tactical coordination of groups, security forces, bodyguards or emergencies.

All the capacity of traditional radio transmitters, combined with the versatility of a solution adaptable to any smartphone.

  • Versatile: Integrated with the COMSec secure communication system with all its capabilities.
  • Integrable: It can be integrated with traditional push-to-talk systems.
  • Delocalized: Not subject to location, allows operation without border restrictions.
  • Safe: Integrated with the COMSec system, it allows to have the maximum guarantees of security and usability.

SILODES: geolocation of dispersed personnel at risk

COMSec can also be integrated with SILODES, a service that allows users of COMSec to be located. The interconnection of the systems provides a complete solution for secure communications and geolocation of personnel.

The system allows risk assessment based on the location of each user and the situation of their situation: natural disasters, terrorist actions or insecurity. All of this complying with GDPR and explicit user approval.

SILODES offers:

  • Centralized information in real time: according to monitoring parameter, with worldwide coverage.
  • Visual reports: real-time and historical data.
  • Info on each user device: battery, user authorization, location permissions, etc.
  • Emergency follow-up: location in emergency situations.
  • Geofencing: triggering of actions when a user crosses a specified area.

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